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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cleverlearn Caregiver Training School Outreach Program

Cleverlearn Caregiver Training School in Cebu proudly announces its outreach program by offering a BP Taking (Blood Pressure Taking) for free. This outreach program usually happens every last Friday of the month from 10 in the morning until 7 in the evening and will be held at the Gaisano Mactan Island Mall, Lapu-lapu City. Caregiver students who will conduct this program will be given a certificate that is signed by the mall manager.

The purpose of this agenda is to serve and help people to be aware of their health status. Service is one of the pillars of the Cleverlearn Caregiver Training Program and the institution is extending its scope of service to the people. Caregiver trainees enrolled at the Cleverlearn Caregiver Training School together with their instructor will be happy to serve you.

On the other hand, Cleverlearn will also be offering a free caregiver training not just for their currently enrolled students but also for those who have graduated already. This free training will take place once in every 6 months at the Cleverlearn Caregiver training school. Training will start at 2 in the afternoon and ends at 6 in the evening.

This training is in preparation for working abroad. Topics to be covered are; 1) Common core principle to support self care, 2) Infection prevention and control, 3) Risk assessment, 4) Food safety, nutrition, hydration, and feeding, 5) Moving and handling, and 6) Right way of feeding elderly. Individuals who are interested to join must bring 1 piece of yogurt, 1 disposable glass, 1 sachet of Zoy, and 2 pieces of disposable spoons. A certificate duly signed by the caregiver head coordinator will be given right after the training. 

For more information please call Cleverlearn at 032-495 9955 and look for Miss Sahlee Pearl Conson. For more information about caregivertraining course please visit our website at

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hire a Live-in Caregiver to Tend your Loved Ones

You are worried about your parents' health condition but you have an excellent career path where every woman desire and you can not just give up now. You do not want your aging parents to stay at the elderly home or home for the aged. You are torn between your parents' health condition and your children's future. Deciding to end your career in order to tend to your parents' needs can affect your children's possible bright future. This dilemma can cause chronic contention between you and your family in the long run.

Be a certified live-in caregiver at Cleverlearn Caregiver school
 You do not need to end your career just to tend to your parents’ needs as they grow old. The best solution is to hire a live-incaregiver who can assist to your elder’s needs without having to worry when you are away from them. You may use a hiring agency or rely on recommendations from friends or on advertisements. 

Choose from a reputable agency when hiring a live-in caregiver. Always remember that hiring a caregiver is also crucial to your family’s safety. This is because you do not know enough about this person yet but you will be dealing with this worker everyday in your home or your parents’ home, hence, they become a part of your household. It is best to hire this health worker from a registered agency and ensure that they have a work permit. You can not hire a worker on a trial basis just to find out if they are suitable and find another one if you think they are not. It is a crime to employ a worker who is not authorized by an immigration agency such as Citizenship and Immigration Canada or CIC in Canada. 

Enroll at
A certified live-in caregiver has a working permit. They must have underwent a full-time classroom training for at least 6 months from a certified caregiver training school, or at least 1 year work experience as a caregiver within the last 3 years, including at least 6 months of continuous employment with 1 employer. They must have the ability to speak, read and understand English so they can function on their own in an unsupervised setting. They must have a medical, security, and criminal clearances.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Switch Your Career and be a Certified Live-in Caregiver

Becoming a certified live-in caregiver abroad is one of the easiest ways to earn big. This is because there is a huge demand of caregivers in developed countries such as in the United States, Canada, and some European countries like in Great Britain and Ireland. The arising needs provide excellent compensation package providing every Filipino family a brighter future.

The percentage of elderly people in developed countries is enormously increasing. In Japan, the percentage of elderly people will rise up to 44.70% by the year 2040, and that is almost half of their population. In the United Kingdom and Canada, it will rise up to 33% and so with the other developed European countries. Their growing populations have brought an alarming insufficiency of health care providers, thus, creating a big market for caregivers all over the world.

Since we, Filipinos are widely known to be hospitable and passionate in providing assistance to children, sick people, and elderly, most foreign people who need health care assistance chose Filipinos as their caregiver. Considering that Philippines is an English environment, where English is regularly spoken in everyday life, Filipinos are highly competent at speaking the language, thus, making communication easy.

When live-in caregivers became a huge demand, caregiver training course has become a widespread interest of many Filipinos, young as 18 years old, or as old as 40 years old. Even doctors who were already trained in their field of specialization and at the peak of their career, they chose to study caregiver training program. This is because switching their career and work abroad would give their family a comfortable life in the Philippines and a brighter future.

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